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Exercise Improves Self-Esteem for Older Adults

Encouraging your members to exercise just got easier. Not only does exercise help to improve health and fitness, but it also helps to boost self-esteem in older adults, according to a new study.

In the study, researchers evaluated the effects of two exercise programs on 153 participants, ages 60 to 75. They assessed participants’ feelings of fitness, strength and attractiveness. The first exercise program included brisk walking in a shopping mall, and the second included stretching and toning exercises. Both programs were performed three times a week six months. Researchers found that both exercise programs seemed to improve the participants’ feelings of their own attractiveness, and fitness and strength levels. Researchers found that feelings of self-worth were dependent upon how the participants felt about their fitness levels and attractiveness. Continue reading

High School Offers Unique Fitness Center

For people who can’t afford a typical gym membership, or who need to work out in a facility that is closer to work or home, a new alternative has emerged in Bangor, AY. There, the local high school opened the Wellness Center at Bangor High School. The new Wellness Center is open to students, staff and community members.

The idea for creating a community fitness center came about when the high school weight room was closed for renovations. Says Shewn Michel, wellness coordinator, “… a close examination of our weight room revealed that much of the equipment was not up to today’s safety standards. The weight room was [updated] to provide our athletes with more modern … equipment.” After the renovation, the facility was “fit” to be open to the general public. Equipment includes 16 free-weight stations, 13 weight machines, eight cardio machines and two abdominal machines.

One perk to being a member at the Wellness Center is the cost of membership. “The unique thing about our facility,” says Michel, “is that it is very affordable compared to most commercial fitness centers.… Continue reading