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Hair loss is a real issue for those who have inherited the genetic trait of hair loss.  While not all men will become bald during their lifetime, there are a few who will, particularly those who have inherited the trait of male pattern baldness from their parents.  If anyone in your immediate family bears the condition of androgenic alopecia, such as your father, brothers, or uncles from your mom, then there is a chance that you may have also inherited the trait.  If you are still in your teens and the trait of hair loss has not yet manifested, do not be carefree as the condition mostly only shows during your mid-twenties.  Nevertheless, due to the slow progression of the condition, it is likely that it has already started during your mid to late teens but only manifests during your twenties.

If you suffer from the genetic condition of hair loss, stopping the progression of your condition will mean using hair loss treatment remedies.  Although not all remedies are made the same, the one that truly stands out is finasteride.  Most hair fall remedies are applied at scalp level and at most are only able to delay the progression of hair loss.  Finasteride on the other hand is the only one that is in the form of a pill and stops hair fall hormonally.  You can buy finasteride online to get the best deals.

As a hormonal product, finasteride is able to stop the course of male pattern baldness by lowering the level of the hormone that causes the hair follicles to shrink.  Through this mechanism of action, even if you have the genetic trait of hair loss, due to the lowered level of dihydrotestosterone hormone, you will not begin to lose hair, but instead will even be able to recover some of the hair follicles that have recently lost their ability to support hair growth.

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