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TRN’s America’s Radio News/America’s Morning News Flips Two More All-News Formats in Florida

A 5K in Orlando and Another 50K in Melbourne, Joining Tampa’s Existing All-News Syndicated Success Story for a Florida Regional News Juggernaut With The Genesis Group

Washington, D.C. Talk Radio Network Syndications, Ltd. confirms today that Genesis Communications Multi Media Broadcast Group adds 5,000 Watt, WAMT AM 1190, Orlando and 50,000 Watt, WIXC AM 1060, Melbourne as a simulcast in conjunction with its all-news outlet WWBA AM 820, Tampa Bay to create a virtual Central Florida news network using America’s Morning News, America’s Radio News Network and it’s team of local news anchors. The move, according to Genesis’ CEO Bruce Maduri, is intended to “provide central Floridians with the ability to access all-news, traffic and weather content anywhere, across the all important I-4 corridor from Tampa Bay through Orlando, to the Space Coast and north and south along the Eastern Seaboard. Local, state and national coverage of the day’s breaking news is now accessible to the six million people who reside in this area of the state and up and down the east coast.”


TRN/America’s Radio News Network’s CEO Mark Masters applauds Maduri’s vision to expand into a regional hub of all-news radio, “We are proud to provide a complete support system to Bruce as he delivers to Central Florida the most powerful 15 hours per day of syndicated long-form radio news rooms (through America’s Morning News and America’s Radio News Network), along with heavy news localization for his growing news empire. America’s Radio News Network provides a clock that not only gives 9 to 10 stories and 4 to 6 audio actualities every quarter hour, but also allows for an amazing level of localization and customization so that you can go highly local or regional at the top and bottom of the hours, quarter hours, and even cut into entire segments for another layer of localization – these blocks are designed as standalones.  Bruce’s strategy is to do just that with our syndicated news blocks on WWBA, WAMT and WIXC, and we are committed to, helping provide listeners in Florida with the most compelling radio news content available throughout the day with America’s Morning News and America’s Radio News Network.”


Maduri adds, “The audience growth we saw in Tampa with all-news confirmed for us there was a real desire for more news, especially during this intense political season and the ongoing economic uncertainty Central Floridian’s face.”


Maduri says the plan of providing all-news isn’t limited to being radio-only, pointing to the digital web-based platform of “Mobility is key: whether in your car, at work or on your iPhone or Tablet, we want news to be available for consumers who ‘Gotta Know Now’ – the company’s all news moniker. Bruce adds, “Partnerships with local television affiliate 10 News WTSP in Tampa, along with the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Petersburg Times), creates a symbiotic relationship where we all work together in the business of news-delivery. Look for similar media-partnership ventures in Orlando, Melbourne/Cocoa Beach and elsewhere.”


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