America's Radio News Network Targeted Advertisers


Targeted Products and Services





Auto Repair Centers/ Tires/ Parts




Chiropractic Care &  Physical Therapy


Copiers, Printers, Business Centers/ Business IT


Commemorative US Veterans Merchandise


Banks/Credit Unions/Local Regional Banks


Degree Completion/ Job Training/ Advanced Degree Completion


Dental Clinics


Computer/Electronic Stores (and repair)


Computer Back-Up, and Security Software Manufactures and Re-Sellers


Conservative Think Tanks: TV Shows, Websites, Speakers and Events


Cellular and Land Line Communications Providers  Including ISP’s


Discount Retailers / Liquidation Outlets


Dry Cleaners


Exterminators/ Pest Control


Entertainment  including: Concert Tickets, Movie Theaters, Bowling Leagues


Furniture Stores


Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers


Government Sponsored Advertising for Energy Efficiency, Including Loan Programs and Grants


Health Food Stores and Health and Wellness Programs

Home Construction Repair


Home Security Systems


Investment products and services






Lasik Eye Centers


Moving Companies


Mortgage companies & real estate investment services


Non-profit organizations supporting conservative values


Over the counter pharmaceuticals and vitamins


Pawn shops (High end, great place to sell things)




Public Service Announcements


Property Management Companies


Car Dealerships both New and Pre-Owned


Car and Truck Manufactures & OEM Parts Re-Sellers


Restaurants both Chain and Family Owned


Retirement Communities


Retirement Services and Organizations


Athletic Wear and Clothing


Skin and spa centers


Cable TV Services, Internet Providers, Satellite Services for both TV and Radio


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