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Buy Antibiotics Online and Suffer No More from Bacterial Infections

There are many reasons as to why a lot of people these days opt to buy antibiotics online. First off, it is a common trend these days that almost anything can be bought online, as long as someone is selling them. Another good reason is that in most countries that have strict rules on antibiotics, you can only be allowed to buy them at the local drugstore if you have a prescription from your doctor. That’s right, even if you have some kind of gastrointestinal infection that you had before and antibiotics made you well again, you still would be required to present a doctor’s prescription before you would be allowed to buy the same antibiotics from the drugstore.

It may seem frustrating to experience that, but there’s a simple solution to this – you can actually buy antibiotics online. Continue reading

Treat Bacterial Infections Effectively with Azithromycin Tablets

Azithromycin tablets are classified as an azalide (subclassification of macrolide) antibiotic which is very useful in treating infections caused by different bacteria.  Azithromycin tablets are actually derived from the antibiotic erythromycin, and one of the factors that make azithromycin tablets more popular than erythromycin is because azithromycin tablets are more potent and effective in treating certain bacterial infections.  Also, most doctors prefer prescribing Azithromycin tablets to their patients because its effect on the body is more prolonged due to its slow elimination from the human body, thereby allowing lots of infections to be treated in a matter of 3 to 5 days of once-a-day administration of azithromycin tablets, as compared to taking erythromycin 3 to 4 times a day for a period of up to 2 weeks.

Azithromycin tablets have many uses – mainly, it is used against the elimination of bacterial-causing infections.  Azithromycin tablets are typically used as is or it is also used in conjunction with other drugs in order to treat community-acquired respiration infections (pneumonia included), otitis media (middle ear infections), pharyngitis, gastrointestinal infections (for instance, those caused by eating contaminated food or drinks), and even gonorrhea.

In the past, a study was conducted that compared the effects of cloxacillin, erythromycin and azithromycin tablets against baseline pathogens, primarily Staphylococcus aureus.  Cloxacillin eradicated about 59% of the S. aureus, erythromycin 78%, and azithromycin tablets eradicated about 89% of the S. aureus strain.  Cloxacillin and erythromycin were given to patients orally in 500 mg dosages 4 times a day for a period of 7 days, while azithromycin tablets were given to patients orally in a total of 1.5 g dosages 5 or 6 times for a period of 5 days.  Researchers believe that by taking the one with the shortest treatment period, which are azithromycin tablets, this may significantly improve patient compliance, meaning that the shorter the treatment course, patients are more likely to follow the regimen and complete it. Continue reading