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Finasteride 1mg Solves Hair Loss Problems In Men

Hair loss can be a serious condition for men. If women are worried about how to make their hair look shiny or the appropriate style to make them look gorgeous, men would only care for one thing and that is how to retain every hair strand. It is normal that every individual loses about 100 strands of hair everyday. But when this problem worsens, it could eventually lead to severe hair loss and baldness. Not all men look good with being bald, let us all accept this fact. Eventually it loses their confidence in social life, and affects them psychologically. Men normally begin to lose their hair during their twenties and thirties but are quite less obvious until they reach an older age wherein the hair loss becomes already obvious. Baldness begins at the crown region of the hair that forms somewhat like a shape of a shoe horse. If you think your recent baldness situation is dragging you down and you don’t like the way you look each time you face the mirror – then you can resort to hair transplants or the less costly medications. Usually, minoxidil and Finasteride 1mg makes a good combo to treat hair loss in men.

So what can Finasteride 1mg actually do to help you solve your baldness problems? First and foremost, baldness in men is usually what we have known as alopecia or male pattern baldness. This condition can be blamed to a man’s hormones, the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. A tolerable amount of DHT is usually okay and won’t hurt your hair follicles until they reach to a certain level that begins to shrink all the follicles down until they can no longer produce healthy and thick strands. As the years go by, the hair strands produced begin to become thinner and smaller until they don’t look visible to the eyes any longer, making you look bald. The solution is not usually just any hair creams or herbal shampoos as what most men would try to fix their hair loss problems, but a product that would deal those enzymes responsible for the production of DHT. This is where Finasteride 1mg is best at in solving alopecia. Continue reading