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General Stanley McChrystal Speaks Out On America’s Radio News Network

McChrystal tells Co-Anchor Chris Salcedo that Afghanistan Must Take Responsibility for its Own Security with U.S. Help 


Washington, D.C. – America’s Radio News Network interviewed General Stanley McChrystal who was the former Commander of the International Security Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). He was also Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command that was credited with the death of Musab al-Zarqawl, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. 
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His new book, “My Share of the Task: A Memoir,” chronicles the day-by-day search for and killing Musab al-Zarqawl. However, the book is also about leadership and change. McChrystal joined West Point in 1972 in a post Viet-Nam era and takes the reader on a journey to a dramatic new army when he took Command of all forces in 2010. 
While not trying to second guess today’s Commanders, the General has some definite points of view on the future of Afghanistan. “What I do believe is that the strategic partnership that President Obama offered to the Afghan people in the Fall of 2009 is the critical thing,” says the General. “They need to accept responsibility for their security, they need to accept responsibility for the stewardship of their sovereignty. But, I think they will need an ally, a partner, I think they will need help for quite a long time.” 
McChrystal continued the interview addressing gun control, political appointments and other topics of the day. 

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