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Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Calls into Question Federal Government’s Implementation of Affordable Care Act

Pruitt tells Co-Anchors Ernie Brown and Rachel Sutherland there are “monumental constitutional concerns” over implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Washington, D.C. – America’s Radio News Network interviewed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt this week after he testified to Congress regarding enforcement of the controversial Affordable Care Act.

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Speaking with co-Anchors Ernie Brown and Rachel Sutherland, Pruitt said Oklahomans are concerned about economic vitality and rule of law, which many perceive to be threatened by President Barack Obama’s health care program. Pruitt’s visit to Capitol Hill this week allowed him the opportunity to leverage criticism against the IRS and other federal agencies for their failure to align with the legislation known as “Obamacare.”

Pruitt is also taking the White House to task over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. “The administration made the decision not to enforce the employer mandate.” Pruitt added, “The law doesn’t permit that.” He called for congressional oversight to hold government officials accountable to rule of law.

Defending Oklahomans’ concern, Pruitt shared, “There are a lot of agencies in Washington and attitude in Washington these days that says, ‘You know what, though Congress said that we have to do it a certain way, we’re gonna choose not to.’ And that should concern every American.” “The courts are where the provisions should be enforced. And if the President’s acting inconsistent with the law, he should be held accountable in the court process.”

Pruitt shared with America’s Radio News Network Oklahomans’ reactions to the Affordable Care Act and the anticipated economic impacts of the legislation’s employer mandate.

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