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ARNN’S Afternoon Edition with Ernie Brown Interviews White House Deputy Press Sec. Earnest

ARNN’S Afternoon Edition with Ernie Brown Interviews White House Deputy Press Sec. Earnest
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Washington, D.C. – America’s Radio News Network (ARNN) anchor Ernie Brown caught up with White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest recently on ARNN’s Afternoon Edition, airing 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. 
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Brown opened the discussion by addressing the President’s jobs bill with Josh Earnest 
“. . . The President just wrapped up a 3 day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia urging members of Congress to get their act together and pass the American Jobs Act. It is the only bill out there that will create jobs right away . . . The Senate wants to work with this piece by piece,” says the White House Deputy Press Secretary. 
Brown quoted Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Lender, accusing the President’s bill to be “Stimulus II,” that didn’t work out so well. “I strongly disagree with Senate McConnell’s characterization of about what happened 2 years ago, there is no doubt that the Recovery Act was very important insuring we didn’t fall-back into a deep recession,” says Earnest. 
Brown suggested, that many people have said, that the Jobs Bill will not pass, but the President will use this to beat up on the Republicans. “The President put this out there because he hoped it would pass, and that is the reason he took this step, Presidents don’t do this very often. We actually wrote a bill . . .,” replied Earnest. 
Brown goes on, saying, “Everyday things seem to get even more complex but I promise to continue to provide ARNN’s listeners with in depth news coverage, and special features so that everyone understands the issues and how they are affecting not only the country but each one of us individually.” 
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ARNN’s Ernie Brown is a true veteran broadcaster with over 32 years experience in radio broadcasting in many major markets in the U.S. including: Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Cleveland, and Las Vegas. Before joining ARNN, Brown was a newscaster in Dallas, TX with The Dallas Morning Show which airs on CBS News Radio’s KRLD, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. 
Brown began as a newscaster and anchor in Texas, on a nightly news radio show which aired statewide. He continued in news radio with KOMO, Seattle, where he anchored both a morning and an afternoon news radio program. 

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