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America’s Radio News Network is Your Source for 15 Hours a Day Long-Form Radio Coverage at the Democratic Convention

Co-Anchors Lori Lundin and Rachel Crowson are on the Ground in Charlotte, NC

Washington, D.C. – America’s Radio News Network is well represented at the Democratic National Committee Convention with Co-Anchors Lori Lundin and Rachel Crowson along with producers and technical staff, to supply live interviews and news updates to all five of the 3-hour long-form news programs from ARNN. 

America’s Radio News Network along with America’s Morning News offers 15 hours of syndicated long-form news programming daily and is now on over 340 affiliated stations taking one or more of the five, three-hour news programs. The long- form news can be heard on KSFO, San Francisco; KIKK, Houston; KKGM, Dallas; WCFO, Atlanta; KTTH, Seattle; KFMB, San Diego; KLZ, Denver; WWBA, Tampa and many more. 
Recent newsmakers and ARNN guests at the convention included: 

Eleanor Smeal a two time president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) praised the work of president Obama for fair pay for equal work and for his support of reproductive rights for women. Smeal has testified before Congress on women’s issues. 

Diana Degette stopped by, she is the Chief Deputy Whip now serving her 8th term in Congress as Representative for the First District of Colorado. Degette noted how she was proud to represent the first state to allow women to vote. As a member of the powerful Committee on Energy and Commerce, an exclusive congressional committee with vast jurisdiction over health care, trade, business, technology, food safety, and consumer protection, she is one of the leading voices in the health care debate in this country. 

Geraldo Rivera who spoke about Bill Clinton's highly anticipated speech promoting Obama's policies, and the stark contrast between both party's platforms. Rivera is a commentator and show host on the Fox News Channel. 

Rebecca Blank, as Acting Secretary of Commerce, Dr. Blank is a key member of President Obama’s economic team working to implement the administration’s top economic priorities to increase economic growth, she commented on accelerating job creation and how fixins the deficit is not just cuts. She believes a lot of progress has been made to the economy. 

Bill Butcher founded Port City Brewing Company in 2010, he is a convention speaker to address the economy from a small businessman’s point of view. He was called to speak by the Committee about how he could not get a loan to start his business, but the President’s policies helped him. He is based in Alexandria, Virginia, where he brews world-class quality beers for the D.C. and greater Mid-Atlantic market. 

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